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Encouragement Teachings

We Are People Of Faith

All true men and women of Faith, and children of Light in the New Testament, genuine disciples of the Messiah; and also from the Old Testament days, Prophets and Worshippers of the God of Israel; are those, who daily fight the “Good fight of Faith”, and “Shine the Light of

Study Teachings

The 7th Trumpet Is Preparing To Sound

THE 7TH TRUMPET IS PREPARING TO SOUND… (REVELATION 10:7) So, “Knowing the Almighty Father, as the Only True GOD”, is the Missing Link in Present Day Christianity! Let’s talk more on this theme; as some major dogmas in the Church of Christ today have literally dethroned the Almighty GOD, our

News Update

Abba Father Assembly Anniversary

On the Eve of our 9th. Official Anniversary from June 12th. 2011: we give all the glory and Praise to the Most High GOD on High for His mercies and protection all through! We give Him Thanks and Praise for the Orphanage, the School and a vibrant Apostolic Community of

Encouragement Teachings

The Life of Love

The Life of Love is more and more possible; the more we know GOD; for you can only genuinely love what you know well! Please note: 1. We must love God, with all our “Heads”; “Hearts” and “Hands”! [“Heads” represents “Accurate Knowledge”; “Hearts”: represents Faith & Sincerity! (Remember Romans 10:17,