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So, “Knowing the Almighty Father, as the Only True GOD”, is the Missing Link in Present Day Christianity! Let’s talk more on this theme; as some major dogmas in the Church of Christ today have literally dethroned the Almighty GOD, our Heavenly Father, from His Seat of Mercy, within the Sovereign Throne of Grace in the Holy of Holies; and have also misplaced the Reconciler and Mediator, the Anointed Messiah, who after the Cross, is now serving as a Forever High Priest, leading us to Praise & Intercede to our Almighty Father, according to Hebrews 2:11-12, Hebrews 7:20-25 and Romans 8:34. The Messiah is the True Son, the now glorified Man,
who is the Firstborn amongst many brethren, (“Opara Chineke”, as beautifully captured in the Igbo Language, i.e. “Ha Rishon” the Firstborn, in the Hebrew!)


This is the Next Frontier in the Restoration Move of Apostolic Revelation Knowledge, which great men like Kenneth Hagin of old began to explore, especially around key scriptures like Ephesians 1:17; which was Papa Hagin’s key memory verse. Google it… But, it takes great Love and Perseverance o! Especially because the entrenched status quo of the Mystery-God of the Pontifical Trinity dogma and also the Branhamite-Anti-Trinity-Modalism are tough protagonists in this End time Spiritual Warfare! (Read Jesus’s express prophecy on Resistance to Knowledge of the Father who Sent Him in John 15:20-21 & John 16:1-3…) Grace, More Grace!
Faith, Increasing Faith!
Meekness, More & More!


Finally, we need the Joshua Anointing all over again; with the crowning Messianic Spirit of the New Covenant, that relies on the Sovereign Voice of the Father God! “Pleasing the Father…
Conforming to the Firstborn!” More Love…
More Power!


Brother Joshua Egbagbe,
Disciple of the Lamb